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Do-It-Yourself Guide

Repairing your own window coverings is easy. All you need are a few common household tools, some patience, and our fully illustrated step-by-step instructions. We'll provide you with the information and confidence so your blinds and shades can be working and looking beautiful again in a jiffy. Plus direct links to the parts you'll need finish each project.

Please note these are general instructions on how to do each type of repair but all brands are a little different. As you go along, if you ever have any questions feel free to contact BlindSaver ATX and our repair experts will gladly assist you. You can do it!

For your convenience, all instructions are available for online viewing and as downloadble PDF files.

Do-It-Yourself Repair Index

1" Blind : How To Replace A Wand Tilt

2" Blind : How To Replace A Cord Tilter

2" Blind : How To Rewind A Cord Tilt

2" Blind : How To Replace A Slat

Cellular Shade : How To Replace A Cord Lock

Cellular Shade : How To Re-String

Sheer Shade : How To Change Controls From Left To Right

Vertical Blind : How To Replace Headrail Carriers

Woven Wood : How To Re-Cord Shade

Woven Wood : How To Replace A Cord Clutch

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